It reappeared just before the World Cup final, and now Ivan Perisic to Manchester United is back to being an actual thing, most recently pushed by Paris United’s affiliate account Euro United.

The new Twitter account claimed that Fali Ramadani and Pini Zahavi were trying to place both Ante Rebic and Ivan Perisic at Old Trafford in a deal that would most likely cost upwards of €100m.

Why that much? Well, according to FC Inter News, the latter’s club aren’t interested in anything below the €80m mark, which is a stark increase on the €50m or so they were asking for last year.

As things stand, however, they are yet to receive any concrete offer.

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Of course, Perisic’s World Cup performances will have something to do with it, and there’s every chance Rebic’s will also have increased his price tag in Eintracht Frankfurt’s eyes, hence the €100m+ figure.

In fact, should every transfer rumour be believed, then we’re look at Manchester United spending €110m minimum, after 24Sata valued the 24-year-old at around €30m.

Why the Red Devils would want to sign the pair is a bit of a weird one, unless José Mourinho saw Croatia’s national team and decided that’s what he wanted his frontline to look like, with Romelu Lukaku taking Mario Mandzukic’s spot.

Hell, why not throw in the Juventus striker in there too, just for funsies and say Manchester United will pay €160m for the trio?

This is how this works, right?