As you might have heard over the past few months, Manchester United have reportedly placed Victor Osimhen as one of their targets to improve their attack for next season.

This all started before Erik ten Hag took over at Old Trafford, and while they have calmed down since his official arrival, they haven’t disappeared entirely.

Manchester United are once again named as suitors of the Nigerian on Monday, this time by Gazzetta dello Sport, who take a look at the situation.

The gist of the story is that the striker is the ‘prized piece’ at the Serie A club, and a sale could completely change how the summer goes for them.

For that to happen, €100m ‘is the minimum limit the club has set to be able to negotiate the sale’, which is a figure that ‘only Premier League clubs can afford at the moment’.

Even for them, ‘it will not be easy to arrive at a nine-figure offer’, but there are people at work on the transfer market to try and make it happen.

It’s made very clear that it ‘is a fact’ both Arsenal and Manchester United are interested, but whether that translates into an actual offer is still a mystery.

Over at Napoli, the hope is that they can keep Osimhen around for a little while longer and perhaps turn an even greater profit down the line, but if that big offer arrives this summer, they would probably accept it.