L’Equipe have an article on Saturday saying Manchester United interest in Tanguy Ndombele is very real.

The Premier League club are said to be ‘concrete’ with their wish to sign the Lyon player, and it’s pointed out that they obviously have the ‘financial capability’ to make a deal happen.

Then the French newspaper says something which could well raise a few eyebrows.

It’s stated that Manchester United’s ability to ‘seduce’ the player is unknown. This seems to be L’Equipe’s own thinking and it doesn’t appear that they’ve asked Ndombele himself what he thinks about it all.

The Lyon player would have to be ‘convinced’ that the Premier League club will soon be competitive on both a national and European level.

Now, it may be that L’Equipe are still stinging from Manchester United knocking PSG out of the one competition which matters most to them, but to think the English would have to put a sales pitch to Ndombele is a stretch.

It should surely be the reverse.