More than a Catalan newspaper really should be, Sport are continually interested in Manchester United’s transfer plans and what’s happening at the club under Jose Mourinho.

The mix of a long held dislike of Mourinho and the ability to drag Manchester United into endless transfer battles, real or otherwise, means that even in Catalonia, who may be arriving at Old Trafford this summer is newsworthy.

It’s Sport who have been pushing the Samuel Umtiti to Manchester United claims the most, far more than anyone else in Spain. When the French media and Marca dismissed it all as nonsense, Sport only pushed things further.

There’s going to be a ‘revolution’ at the Premier League club this summer, report Sport. Mourinho will have a €200m kitty, and the Glazer family only have renewed confidence in their manager, despite a rocky few months.

The named targets are Alex Sandro, Raphael Varane, Samuel Umtiti, Marquinhos as a back-up defensive option, plus Marco Verratti and Toni Kroos as midfield options.

Manchester United’s idea is to facilitate a big ‘leap in quality’.

It’s worth noting Sandro hasn’t enjoyed a good season at Juventus and there’s increasing murmurs in the Italian media that he could be edged out of the club.

That would make signing the Brazilian easier for Manchester United, but surely puts a question mark over whether he’s the right target.

Varane is still struggling to shake off all his injury and fitness issues. Turning 25 years of age this week, the Frenchman has long struggled with knee pain and swelling.

The possibility of Paul Pogba leaving is of course raised.