The Portuguese media can’t miss an opportunity to say that Manchester United are interested in João Neves, and that’s done again today.

As newspaper O Jogo features a big story claiming Everton want Florentino Luis, they also bring an extra short paragraph about other midfielders who could leave the Eagles this summer.

It’s then said that some ‘world giants’, ‘especially Manchester United’, are ‘very determined’ to sign the 19-year-old this summer.

As usual, O Jogo highlights the fact that Neves is protected by a €120m release clause, and judging by the other recent reports, Benfica are expected to use that as a reference to negotiate him.

Despite the many stories about Manchester United’s interest in the midfielder during this season, there have still been no reports about the Red Devils placing a bid for the signing. The club are surely waiting for the best moment to do that, perhaps waiting for the approval of a new manager in case Erik ten Hag is sacked at the end of the season.

With things probably getting clearer in a week, we should soon see if there’ll be moves for this signing.