Arsenal are back being linked to Sporting defender Ousmane Diomande, and the Portuguese media today has a good reason for it.

The Lions have just closed the signing of Zeno Debast from Anderlecht, reaching an agreement with club and player, and can now sell one of their centre-backs.

According to newspaper Record, Diomande is the one ‘at the exit door’, and Arsenal are named as one of the clubs who have him in their wish list.

It’s the Ivorian’s place in the team that Debast is expected to take, so Sporting are basically ready to let him go now.

This time, Record doesn’t say how much the Lions would demand to sell Diomande, although recent reports said something over €50m could be enough.

Arsenal, just like Chelsea and Newcastle United, have been linked to the centre-back for months now, but with no signs of a bid yet.

Like we’ve been saying recently, Diomande hit some lows at Sporting this year, and that’s one of the reasons why they’re prepared to let him go. The English clubs will surely be aware of that, and perhaps that’s why his sale is getting so pushed by the Portuguese media.