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On Thursday, Manchester United saw Zlatan Ibrahimovic announce he was signing for them, and then kept quiet for the rest of the afternoon.

The club made no official announcement, and it’s a good job we all trust Zlatan’s word.

Perhaps Manchester United were too busy printing Henrikh Mkhitaryan kits, because they’re currently for sale on the club’s website.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 18.49.25Sport Witness’ Tom Coast spotted it and it’s been there long enough for us to have a good nosy and take some screenshots.

Manchester United have in one day let a player announce he’s signing for them, and announced the arrival of another by accident… or is it?

Perhaps it’s a marketing ploy to get everyone to have a look, and be tempted to reserve their Mkhitaryan kit for next season.

As we published this article, Manchester United’s website was creaking under the pressure of fans trying to have a look themselves.

Evil genius, or someone messing up. Either is quite entertaining.