After intervieweing the Manchester City star Bernardo Silva at the weekend, Portuguese newspaper Sol have now published a bit of the chat on their youtube channel.

The full interview included some quotes where Bernardo talks about his love for Benfica, saying it’s the only Portuguese club he would play for, and that’s why he has a tattoo to show it.

But the part released by Sol is where Bernardo Silva is asked about VAR, which is being introduced to the UEFA Champions League in the current round of 16.

The Manchester City star has claimed to be in favour of it, not only to help the referees, but also to make the fans calmer about all the controversial situations.

“I am in favour of VAR, and I am in favour because I think it is a tool that helps the referees to make less mistakes. What I think is that referees have to try to learn and adapt to the VAR as quickly as possible. What happens is, if there is no VAR and the referees make mistakes, there is an excuse to make the mistake because they did not have help. But with this help, the fans will always be much less tolerant of error.

“I am a Benfica fan, there is a penalty that is not given, if the referee does not have VAR I even think: ‘Look, maybe he did not see, didn’t give it, sometimes it’s difficult’.

“But if the referee has VAR and did not see then I think it’s no longer acceptable.

“I am in favour of VAR as it’s an aid for the referees to start to making less mistakes, but it must be well used and an effort must be made for the rules to be clear and people know exactly what will happen without the mistakes that have existed in recent times. I’m not just talking about the case of Benfica, it does not matter what side it is, I’m talking about it in general, everything.”

Then the Manchester City player was asked if VAR takes the emotion out of the game, impacts upon the atmosphere and flow, and Silva said: “Yes, of course it’s a bit more boring. Now the players are not sure if they can celebrate the goal or not, but in general, even to end these controversies of refereeing, it’s good for the referees to have help. Now, in time, a way must be found to make the decision quickly so that players can celebrate the goal and the game can be resumed with all normality.”

Bernardo Silva wants it all from VAR.