Since Pep Guardiola took charge of Manchester City, there’s clearly one specific player he’s been working to make a star of. Fernandinho’s development since Pep’s arrival has been huge, and the compliments between the two of them are often seen in the press.

This week, the midfielder has been interviewed by ESPN Brasil, and couldn’t hide the excitement for the great form he’s been having at the club for the past couple of years.

Reporter Natali Gedra asked a question about how much Guardiola’s tips help him, since the manager has played in the same position as the midfielder.

“A lot. A lot because we have sporadic conversations about positioning issues, game dynamics issues, how you can give a greater dynamism in the game to trigger the players that are in front of you, how can I improve my defensive part in the space coverage. So that helps me a lot, because he is an expert and played in that area. He was a very technical player and very classic, he ended up scoring some goals as well,” Fernandinho told ESPN Brasil.

She also mentioned the quotes in which the Catalan boss referred to Fernandinho as much better than him, and the player responded saying “it’s kindness of him to say that”.

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Regarding the season at Manchester City, Fernandinho claims to be living the best moment of his career, and hopes to keep this form for more years.

“Without a doubt, for me it has been a fantastic season, playing perhaps the best football of my career at 32 years of age. Also being able to serve the national team in a very nice, constant way. So that makes me very happy. I hope to keep this for a long time.”