Juventus’ negations to sign Kalvin Phillips from Manchester City have now entered ‘the hot phase’, according to reports from Italy. write that the scenario is ‘taking shape’ as the clubs get close to a loan deal.

Juventus are expected to sign Phillips on a dry loan from Manchester City with no obligation. The idea is to have the player for six months and then send him back to England.

All the Bianconeri want is a replacement for Nicolo Fagioli, who is suspended, and the Englishman comes up as a perfect solution.

It’s made clear that Phillips hasn’t been getting playing time at Manchester City, and since he’s a player who Pep Guardiola can do without, his six months would be a good outcome for all parties.

Some details are still being discussed, such as an option for Juventus to buy him at the end of the spell. The Serie A giants don’t seem very concerned about that possibility, though, and the story makes it clear they have big faith in Fagioli’s return.

It’s Phillips’ agent Jonathan Barnet who’s said to be handling the deal. He also represents Fagioli, and seems to be managing the situation for the Old Lady.