Manchester City are heading towards an awkward situation with Girona in the summer, with Champions League rules potentially causing problems.

That’s according to Diari di Girona, who say the two clubs need to work something out to avoid complications with the current rules about multi-club ownership.

The newspaper explains that Manchester City and Girona ‘will have to find a formula’ that does not violate article five of UEFA’s current rules in terms of club ownership.

They’ve accessed UEFA’s current rules that stipulate Girona need to meet a series of criteria to qualify for the competition and the major one is that they cannot ‘hold or trade securities’ with any other club in the competition.

That goes alongside not being a member of another club in the competition, not having any power in the management of another club in the competition and not to be involved in an administration or sporting function either.

There’s numerous rules that could currently cause problems and it is clear that Girona and Manchester City will need to adapt.

Indeed, the belief is that Girona will be ‘forced to change their relationship’ with Manchester City and that could mean the board being completely overhauled as some of the current group, led by Pere Guardiola, are also part of the set up at Manchester City via the City Group.

There is also an issue with transfers as they would currently be found violating article five of UEFA’s regulations, which could see Savinho remain with the Spanish club moving forwards rather than heading to the Etihad this summer.

Even other departments at the club such as scouting and sponsorship will need to be changed as if UEFA determine that their regulations are being breached, one of the two clubs can be refused admittance to the competition.

Usually that would see the lower ranked team blocked, which would be a major blow to Girona given the season they’ve had.

Work needs to be done to avoid that and it could be a busy summer of restructuring as a result to help them dodge the current rules and have both in the competition.