For the past few years, we’ve been reading dozens of stories claiming Manchester City would like to sign Everton from Grêmio.

Now that the player has finally made his debut for the national team and has been doing well at the Copa America, we could only expect the rumours to grow.

Everton had a great match in the 5-0 win over Peru last Saturday, and during the broadcast, TV Globo mentioned the negotiations for a Manchester City move.

Now outlet Diário do Nordeste has a story today focused on Fortaleza, Everton’s former side, who have the right of 10% of a transfer. They try to guess how much would the club make in case of a move in the summer.

They write that Milan have approached him, while Manchester City and Manchester United have ‘expressed their interest’ as well.

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They do their maths as if Everton would leave Grêmio for his release clause of €80m. That’s pretty mad, since we consider that a European club would hardly pay half of that for him.

However, southern outlet Radio Grenal claims that no bids have been made for Everton so far, even though Grêmio know he may leave the club this summer.

That’s how this saga has been going on for years, with Manchester City always getting a mention, but with things never really moving.