Everton’s Richarlison has given a pretty long interview featured in this week’s issue of France Football.

The 22-year-old has recalled his whole life, since his first steps in the Brazilian city of Nova Venécia, until the time when he became a Premier League star.

Speaking of his arrival in England, he revealed he could have moved to Netherlands instead, but there was a special manager who convinced him to join Watford.

“Other clubs were interested,” Richarlison told France Football. “I was on the verge of signing for Ajax Amsterdam, really close. Watford’s proposal was also very good, but what changed the game was manager Marco Silva. He wanted me especially. I got him on the phone, he put trust in me, I believed in him. This was the right decision.”

But despite having a good first season for the Hornets, Richarlison claims he wasn’t feeling great in the country.

“The first year in England was really complicated. I couldn’t adapt to the temperature. On the pitch, my legs were shaking, my ears were burning. This season it has been a lot better. The more time you spend in a country, the more you adapt. Even though I eat very little local food. At home, on this level, I have all that is Brazilian, Geovana (the wife of his agent, who is also his chef) Brazilian cuisine. In Manchester there is a Brazilian supermarket. So, I have everything I need.”

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Asked if it’s important to fell well, he says: “Absolutely. My culinary culture is so different from English cuisine that I really can’t get used to what we eat here. When I arrived at Watford, I lost about five pounds because I didn’t like local food.”

When France Football asked him if there are things he enjoys in England, they say he reflected a little, and answered: “There is a lot of friendliness and people are educated. And then the girls are very pretty! (laughs)”

Finally on his relationship with manager Marco Silva, Richarlison has only good things to say about the Everton boss.

“Like that of a father with his son. Since I came from Brazil, he has always helped me to grow and evolve. During training, he talks to me a lot and he does not hesitate to call me in his office so we can have discussions and watch videos to know what I’m doing right or wrong. It helps me a lot. There is a special relationship between us.”