Calciomercato put out a report on Thursday afternoon about Matteo Darmian’s future. In Italy, the number of reports on Darmian from major newspapers and websites easily hits double figures every day at the moment.

Perhaps a step forward is Calciomercato saying Darmian has agreed to a move in principle, the ‘yes of the player’ has been received for an Inter transfer. It depends on Manchester United, but Darmian is said to be ‘already convinced’.

Inter Milan want to pay around €13/€14m, Manchester United are said to put the player’s value at €20m.

A move wouldn’t be a surprise, and may be the best solution for all involved. Darmian could move back to Italy, save his international career, and get an important role. Any club buying him gets an Italian international who has shown how good he can be, and who is Serie A proven.

Darmian can play on the right and left, he’d be a really good addition for many clubs, and Jose Mourinho would get a chunk of cash towards his next transfer. If Darmian isn’t happy to be a bit part player (and those are very small bits right now), and Mourinho prefers others, then it’s probably best to set him free.

Manchester United’s power in talks comes from Inter not being the only interested club, and the other clubs probably being equally attractive for Darmian.

Tutto Mercato Web claimed on Wednesday that Juventus are seriously rivalling Inter for the defender. Gazzetta dello Sport also reported on Wednesday that Darmian is ‘ready to move’ and Napoli have held a long term interest and may make a January attempt.

The more clubs want Darmian, the easier it is for Manchester United to edge the price higher, even if it’s only to pressure Inter to come up with a bigger sum.

Perhaps not known for their prowess at selling players in recent years, Manchester United have a chance to turn a good profit on the player they bought from Torino.