Ah, the international break. The time when clubs send their highly paid players off to represent their countries and then sit at home biting their fingernails and hoping none of them get injured.

But they often do.

Spanish newspaper Marca report on Friday that Arsenal may have an injury to be at least a little worried about. Hector Bellerin has been away with Spain’s U21 side, and playing against San Marino (which somehow makes it all the more annoying) he received a ‘nasty tackle’ to his right ankle.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 08.24.02Nobody wants a nasty San Marino tackle to their right ankle, and Bellerin was hurt. Marca say the player is now awaiting the results of relevant medical tests to determine the ‘extent of his injury’.

The Spanish newspaper say that Bellerin didn’t train yesterday with Spain but that was ‘as a precaution’. It doesn’t sound ultra serious, there’s no talk of a possible long lay-off, but it’ll be a worry nonetheless.

With all due respect to San Marino, Wenger’s face will be a picture when he hears Bellerin may be out injured because he was tackled by a trainee dentist, or similar.