On Tuesday night, Sergio Romero’s wife took to social media and blasted the decision to not to take him to the World Cup.

Eliana Guercio explained that the knee injury wasn’t severe and Manchester United’s back-up would have been available for Argentina in a couple of weeks.

Argentine newspaper Ole have an article in their Thursday edition on the situation and it states Romero was just as annoyed as his wife, adding: ‘Very hurt and without making public statements, Chiquito’s (that’s his nickname) voice – with or without authorisation – was his wife, who showed her anger at the quick decision.’

Ole also state that Romero pleaded with Jorge Sampaoli, assuring him that the recovery would be a couple of weeks, however, the doctors said three to four weeks and the Argentina manager sided with them.

The right knee problem has been around since 2004, explain Ole, and flares up every now and again, but now Romero will have minor surgery to clean it out.

This issue could be what has pushed the goalkeeper into being a continual second choice, despite many in Argentina urging him to leave Manchester United to get games elsewhere.