When Don Balon launched the idea of Ivan Rakitic to Manchester United, we made a note of saying the English tabloids would probably run away with the claims and launch some spin-offs.

That’s already happening, but Don Balon aren’t simply going to leave it to the English media to have all the the fun so have published an update.

Manchester United are said to have made a ‘crazy offer’ to sign Rakitic, presumably directly to the player. Calling it a ‘crazy offer’ isn’t quite dramatic enough for Don Balon, who in the next sentence add that it’s a ‘beastly proposal’ on the table.

Rakitic is said to be considering it, concerned that he’ll be edged out of the Barcelona team when recruits arrive during the summer window.

The website adds: ‘United have already sent a firm proposal to Rakitic through his closest environment, demanding the strictest confidentiality.’

The confidentiality is so strict that Don Balon know.

Finally, it’s claimed Manchester United are ‘very seriously’ pursuing this track, with Jose Mourinho pushing the idea.

Recently turning 30 years of age, Rakitic has all the experience Mourinho usually likes. At 1.84m he’s probably tall enough, and a Barcelona exit isn’t completely inconceivable.

But this is Don Balon, so it’s best to wait for something much firmer.