After being appointed by West Bromwich Albion as the club’s new technical consultant, Giuliano Terraneo has had a word with his home country press.

Speaking to Italian website Tutto Mercato Web this Thursday, the former goalkeeper spoke a little about taking the job at the Premier League side, and sounded pretty chilled about it.

“It’s an opportunity that comes also because I know the club owner and for a long time he asked me to do this kind of work, let’s see how it develops. If I’m busy? I’ve always been here since I wake up,” Terraneo told Tutto Mercato Web.

Even though the Baggies don’t seem to be playing the Champions League anytime soon, Terreraneo was also asked his opinion regarding the referee’s decision on the penalty which gave Real Madrid the semifinal qualification over Juventus.

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As a good old Italian, Terreraneo couldn’t agree with Michael Oliver: “Well, Juventus suffered what happened to other teams Italian teams… I wouldn’t have given this penalty. The referee was not able to read the time of the contest. But even with the VAR you must know how to do the same thing. And in my opinion it doesn’t solve the problems.”

West Brom announced the hiring of Terreraneo earlier today in an official statement from the club. Chief Executive Officer Mark Jenkins said his job will be to “assist in the recruitment of a new Head Coach and the re-structure of the squad”.

He’s also expected to help the club to find a new technical director, as official Nick Hammond has left the role.