Regardless of which Italian newspaper you look at these days, there is bound to be a mention of Sandro Tonali somewhere.

We’ve written countless articles (at least that’s what it feels like) on the matter in recent weeks, such is the excitement around the defensive midfielder, with clubs like Manchester United and rivals Manchester City travelling to watch his performances.

This is once again mentioned by Corriere della Sera’s Brescia edition on Friday, who explain the Old Trafford club and Borussia Dortmund have been ‘following him closely’, while Inter and Juventus have been after him for a while.

We already know all this, but the extra bit of detail that appears in the article is his reported value.

According to the newspaper, Brescia, a couple of months ago, valued their starlet at around €25-30m.

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Now, however, that figure has doubled, with talk of the newly promoted side wanting around €50m to be convinced to part ways with Tonali.

Of course, in today’s market, that figure that won’t make many teams bat their eyelids, as they expect clubs to ask for such amounts, and it’s often a worthwhile investment.

After all, how many Andrea Pirlo-like players have we seen in the years since the former Juventus man hung up his boots?

With Manchester United in need of that type of player, capable of sitting in front of the defence and spreading the ball out from the back, it could be something they look at seriously going forward.

Oh, and he’s young, which fits into Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s plans, and he’d probably start most games.