Lucas Moura is the man of the moment, and it couldn’t be any different. After scoring a hat-trick in Tottenham’s 3-2 win over Ajax for the Champions League semifinals, the world press can’t even think of another hero for Spurs’ qualification to the finals.

Things aren’t any different in Brazil, where the 26-year-old is finally getting huge praise from his home country’s media. The player has given several interviews in the past few hours, and we’ve selected some of the quotes.

Let’s start with Esporte Interativo, who spoke to Lucas right after the match, showing their commentary of his third goal. The player cried a little, and then talked about what was he feeling.

“It’s hard to speak. I dreamed a lot with this moment,” Lucas Moura told Esporte Interativo. “From childhood, it was a dream for me to play the Champions League. And it was always my dream to win the Champions League. And now I’m having the opportunity to play a final.

“Having the opportunity to give this joy to my family, to all my friends, to everyone there from the neighbourhood where I was born. It’s hard to explain what I’m feeling. God is wonderful. I always say he always surprises us.”

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By lunch time in Brazil, Lucas was live on Globo Esporte. He talked a little about his departure from Paris Saint Germain last year, and the big change there’s been in his career since then.

“I think it’s the turnaround. Without a doubt, the time at PSG, the last seven months were the most difficult time of my career, where I wasn’t even called for the games. The opportunity of Tottenham appeared, opened the doors for me, gave me the opportunity to fulfil the dream of playing the Premier League.

“Now I’m playing, being important to the team, scoring goals, fulfilling the dream of reaching the Champions League final. I never stopped believing and working. The reward comes later.”

A couple of hours later, Lucas was live on ESPN Brasil, where he showed his emotions right at the start of the interview.

“Man, I’m living a dream. Impossible to explain what I’m feeling. I always dreamed of this moment. I always believed that one day I would play in a Champions League final. But even in my best dreams I could not imagine it would be the way it was.”

After that tough time at PSG, it’s hard to feel anything other than thrilled for the Tottenham player.