There’s a good reason why the rumours sending Bruno Fernandes to Manchester City and Manchester United have gone quiet over the past couple of weeks, as the Portuguese press have reached a consensus that the player’s exit will not be negotiated before the Cup final, which is being played on Saturday.

Newspaper A Bola brings a story about it today, claiming that Sporting’s board have come to terms with the fact they are losing the player at the end of the season, but this isn’t a subject to be sorted now.

The Lions’ intention is to make a record sale with Fernandes, and it’s Manchester City and Manchester United who show up as the biggest candidates for his signing.

Both clubs are said to be the ‘most serious’ competitors, while the Lions’ idea is to get somewhere around €70m from the sale.

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Bruno Fernandes has 32 goals and 17 assists this season so far, and being decisive in a cup final against Porto would mean a lot for his farewell from Sporting.

Although it has been said for most of the season that he would only leave for his €100m release clause, it looks like the claims are getting more realistic with this €70m price tag.