With Ligue 1 and the Premier League set to start in the coming weeks, as well as the transfer window coming to a close at the end of the month, a few clubs are starting to feel the heat.

Among those, Arsenal are struggling with injuries, especially at the back, while a new striker capable to provide Olivier Giroud with competition still remains an elusive prospect for Arsène Wenger.

The French manager has been trying with a few bids here and there around Europe, notably for Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette, who, to this day, remains a Lyon player.

Completely blocked by Jean-Michel Aulas, Lyon’s president, the French striker seems set to be playing Champions League football at the French club rather than at the Emirates next season, unless Arsenal are prepared to break the bank.

However, there is one man who strongly believes that will never happen, and that is Lyon’s manager Bruno Génésio, who appears to expect his star to stay put, for this summer at least.

Asked by France Football on Tuesday if it would be catastrophic if someone slapped €70m on Aulas’ desk to buy Lacazette away from Lyon, the manager simply stated: “That won’t happen.”

Either he has full confidence in his president’s ability to resist such tempting offers, or he knows that Arsenal will never go that high for Lacazette. Perhaps both?

As far as Lyon are concerned, Arsenal will have to look elsewhere.