Football in England and across major European leagues has been shutdown following the  Covid-19 outbreak.

The situation has forced players to train individually and use the help of technology to stay in regular contact with their teammates, coaches and other staff.

Maxime Le Marchand has given an interview to France Football and the 30-year-old has spoken at length on various topics, including the Coronavirus pandemic.

When asked what’s been discussed in the Fulham players’ WhatsApp group, he said: “At the beginning, I talked a little more. Since France was a little more ahead than England, I told them that the country was going to put itself in confinement, that people had to have a paper to get out. They were quite shocked.

“I told them it would surely come to England, that players playing in France were paid less.

“I was wondering if that would be the case for us. At the moment, it isn’t. Maybe it will come. We are discussing this a bit. We are wondering about the resumption of the Championship.”

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The Championship defender talked about his personal experience on how people reacted towards him in England, when he started taking precautions well in advance.

“I was quite surprised. In France, there was already confinement, but life continued in England. I was a bit shocked. I’d go shopping, I’d see people talking very close, they’d still get together, restaurants and bars were open,” Le Marchand stressed.

“More than a week ago, I went shopping with a mask, everyone looked at me a little weird. In the end, a few days later, there was this announcement of confinement.

“Since then, people are still very respectful, they keep their distance. The stores are almost all closed as in France. But, for a long time, it was as if there was nothing and they were not paying enough attention.”

An injury forced the Cottagers defender to spend time on the sidelines this season. He was close to returning to the pitch before football was suspended earlier this month.

“It was March 12th, I believe. On Friday the 13th, coming back from an injury, I had to play with the youngsters,” Le Marchand said.

“On that day, we were told that the matches were cancelled and that we had to stay at home. Since then, we haven’t had any training. We are at home and we have a small schedule to maintain.”

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While discussing this season, Le Marchand stressed the ongoing crisis has made him consider his future after his playing career.

“Yeah… This season has been very special for me. With that, it’s amazing. It’s really weird. We all want it to end quickly to get back to normal,” the Frenchman stressed.

“But it’s crazy how a virus can upset the world in general and the football world. We’re taking a step back. You see all these people who might be sick.

“We are like everyone else. As a footballer, sometimes we are privileged, but here we are like everyone else. It makes us think about the future.

“I take the time to think about what I could do after football. But I’m trying to see the positive side. I spend a lot of time with my family so I’m happy. Even if I am stressed by this virus, I still have less pressure from football, it also relieves from time to time.”