This has been happening for a while, but it’s funny how European giants still can’t believe they’re losing financial battles against Premier League clubs.

As we’ve covered earlier today, Yves Bissouma appears to be heading to Brighton & Hove Albion this summer, according to L’Equipe.

Now the Portuguese press has reacted to these news, as Porto had been stronger contenders to sign the player since some rumours from January.

Radio Renascena’s website has a story saying that Brighton’s victory in the race is a ‘sign of times’.

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‘Porto may lose a player to Brighton’, they say, unbelievers. ‘The modest English club, but whose financial capacity is nothing modest, offers 20 million euros to Lille’.

They also make it clear that this is ‘an amount that is far beyond the capacity of Portuguese clubs’.

It’s natural that a European champion like Porto feel bad about not being able to compete against Brighton for a player. But just this summer, the Dragons have already sold Diogo Dalot to Manchester United for €22m, Ricardo Pereira to Leicester City also for €22m, and Willy Boly to Wolverhampton Wanderers for €12m.

So if you don’t complain about how rich Premier League clubs are when you sell players, then there’s not much to say when you can’t get in an auction with them.