As ESPN Brasil prepare for the big match between Liverpool and Manchester City this weekend, they’ve managed to interview Reds star Roberto Firmino.

Now having his fifth season for the Anfield side, the Brazilian has recalled his start at the club, naming the players who helped him with his adaptation.

“When I arrived here, Philippe Coutinho helped me a lot, he’s a great player and has a great history in world football,” Roberto Firmino told ESPN Brasil. “He helped me a lot, just like Lucas Leiva, I used to get a lot of inspiration from both, because they helped me a lot.”

Since ESPN Brasil often interview these players, they have the time to ask some different questions, such as how popular his smile is at the club, with the likes of Sadio Mane and Jurgen Klopp commenting on it.

“I don’t know, dude. But among all, mine is the best. But I am happy that they, not copy it, but they also want to have a smile like that. I’m glad. I hope it grows more and more, that people will be happier if they depend on the smile. And that’s it.”

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Firmino has also talked about the song which Liverpool fans have been singing for him. He didn’t want to give it a try, but says it’s pretty exciting to hear his name chanted on the stands.

“It’s cool. The rhythm of the song is a little Latin, a little La Bombonera. It is very motivating. For those on the pitch, it’s good to hear the fans singing their name, their music. It motivates us to do our best on the pitch and help the team.”

Finally speaking of Sunday’s match, Roberto Firmino has talked about how ‘different’ the preparation is for such an important game.

“It’s a week a little different from the others, it’s a game of two huge clubs that are fighting for the top. We can’t lose, it’s a six point game. We have to be careful and do our best.”