“Full of talent, yet struggling to struggling to put it on display”

This description could have easily been attributed to both Eden Hazard this season and the Belgium national team during these Euros, until Sunday night, that is.

In what can only be described as a footballing lesson to Hungary from the Chelsea winger and the rest of his teammates, Belgium’s 4-0 demolition of the surprise European package shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Showing flashes of brilliance during the 3-0 win over Ireland, the Belgium team was bound to click at some stage, and it’s excited the Belgium press so much that some reckon they could go all the way to the final if they keep this form up.

In order to do that, they will need their stars to turn up, which Eden Hazard did against Hungary, despite a rather barren first-half for the winger.

The reason behind his second half goal and resurgence? Christian Benteke.

At least, that’s what the Liverpool striker told DH on Monday.

He said: “I told him that he needed to shoot. In the first-half, he had many opportunities but never took a chance. From the bench, I was trying to get him to understand he needed to shoot, and in the end, it worked out for him.

“I’m no saying that he scored because of me. I’m really happy for him. People have been hard on him but I’m sure he can keep this form up until the end of the tournament. At least, I hope.”

The Belgian striker suffered a pretty disappointing season under Jürgen Klopp, scoring 10 goals in 42 appearances for the Reds.