Despite being one of the best midfielders in Europe over the past year or so, Fabinho endured frustration last year when he wasn’t called up to play the Copa America for Brazil.

The Liverpool star has never hidden he wanted to be featuring in the tournament, especially as it was played in his home country.

But that’s an old story, and Fabinho is now ready to take part in the World Cup qualifiers, which are starting at the end of the month.

The midfielder has spoken to UOL about it, and explains he’s excited to see the squad list for the first few games, which will be out on Friday.

“Whenever there is a call-up, I’m hoping to be on the list,” Fabinho told UOL.

“I’m managing to have a greater continuity, playing the last games. If I’m well, of course I hope to be on the list, but we will wait for Tite’s decision and see on Friday.”

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Fabinho has revealed that he’s been in touch with one of Tite’s assistants, César Sampaio, who’s been following his work at Liverpool.

“César Sampaio talked to me after the second or third game after returning from the injury. He called me and asked if I was feeling better already. As a former player, he knows that it isn’t easy for you to return with the same confidence, the same physical form… I had a chat with him, he was in my position too… It’s always good to talk to him.”

He says that Sampaio, who was a successful defensive midfielder for Palmeiras and Brazil, has been giving him many tips about playing in that position.

“He gave me a lot of advice at the national team, on my last pass. He gave me some positioning things, showed me some moves that I thought were positive, that I had been doing at Liverpool and he thought they could be used at the national team too. In addition to other tips to improve as well. When it comes from a guy like him, with a story like César Sampaio, we always listen and try to learn.”