It appears that Milan are starting to resign themselves to the fact that Franck Kessie will be leaving on a free at the end of the season, with Liverpool a potential destination.

That is, at least, what ANSA reported late on Wednesday night, as they looked at the players situation in a transfer round up.

They explain that his goodbye is ‘more and more probable’, as the Ivory Coast international has ‘received a very interesting offer from Liverpool’.

This comes after months and months of renewal talks between Milan and the player, who wants his importance to be recognised with a big wage, knowing full well he could earn more elsewhere.

That could be at Anfield, where it seems Jürgen Klopp’s side, who still haven’t fully replace Georginio Wijnaldum, are waiting for him.

Previous reports suggested Tottenham were also in the mix, but this specific article doesn’t mention them, with Liverpool seemingly the ones flexing their wallet at this moment in time.