Liverpool are the Premier League club who have been linked with Christian Pulisic the most.

The Jurgen Klopp and Borussia Dortmund connection has encouraged a lot of those rumours, and back in December 2016 SportBild set out the Reds’ interest.

They explained the open secret of Klopp having an agreement not to take any player from BVB, and that it could be tested: ‘The reason is called Christian Pulisic.’

Fenway Sports Group were also presented as keen because of the kudos that would come with having a top US star in the Liverpool team, and the marketing opportunities it would inevitably bring.

Since then the club has been linked repeatedly, with the rumours popping up every couple of months or so.

One of those times is now, and other PL clubs have also been pulled in.

This week’s edition of SportBild says Manchester United and Chelsea are keen, and Liverpool are trying to ‘lure’ Pulisic.

The competition is looking more serious now than it has previously and FSG will need to action their long term plan if they don’t want to miss out. Just as Pulisic would be a marketing bonus for Liverpool, and kudos for the club’s American owners, it would be the same for Manchester United.