For the past few weeks, we’ve been covering several stories about the race for the signing of Liverpool midfielder Allan.

The player’s loan spell at Brazilian side Fluminense has attracted the interest of other local sides, who are all fighting for his transfer in the January window.

Just yesterday, we covered a report from Globo Esporte saying São Paulo were interested in the signing, but took ‘a step back’ when becoming aware of how much Atletico would offer for the player.

But Fluminense continue to look like the favourites for the signing, because as reported by UOL today, there are ‘advanced talks’ for his permanent move.

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The story doesn’t say how much Fluminense are offering. It’s claimed the biggest problem for now is that their intention was to give Liverpool 50% of a future sale so they could make the move cheaper. However, the Reds want to sell 100% of the player.

It’s said the Rio de Janeiro side are about to make a new bid for him, and for now, they’re the only club who have put an offer on the table.

UOL also claims that contrary to previous reports, Fluminense are not offering Liverpool priority over players from their academy.