Paul Pogba rumours are around every summer, sometimes popping up in the winter too to keep things interesting. Usually it’s similar stuff, led by the player’s agent Mino Raiola.

The cycle tends to go something like this: Raiola reminds the world what a wonderful talent Pogba is and how expensive he’s likely to be, the Italian media insist he’s happy at Juventus but add the caveat that an irresistible bid is, well, irresistible.

It’s then reported in Spain that Real Madrid are interested, with the Catalan press saying Barcelona are interested too but can’t afford him without a big sale. Then in Italy it’s claimed that Manchester United and/or Chelsea and Manchester City have readied a big bid and already agreed eye watering personal terms with Raiola.

This time, things may be different.

Raiola’s new found BFF status with Manchester United and Edward Woodward gives everything a new dynamic, and French newspaper L’Equipe say something on Friday which sounds very encouraging for a move.

Raiola and Woodward have been in talks, blah blah blah… and the player has told those around him he wants a Manchester United transfer.

Oui. L’Equipe state that Paul Pogba has ‘clearly expressed his desire to complete the circle by returning to Manchester United’.

This desire has been expressed to some teammates and friends, and if it’s now also expressed to Juventus, probably via Raiola, then things look like they could really be happening.

Perhaps an important and interesting aspect of the Pogba report is that when L’Equipe published an interview with the player on Thursday, the journalist who spoke to him was Damien Degorre.

The article with the Manchester United claims on Friday is credited to ‘H.De (avec D.D.)’. Meaning DD helped out, who it has be assumed is Damien Degorre, suggesting this may be as well sourced as it gets.