Pablo Hernandez wasn’t one of the players to travel with Leeds United on their trip to Myanmar this week. At the end of the season, the 33 year old was instead allowed to do with his time as he pleased, and that’s of course seen him return to Spain.

And when Hernandez has free time in Spain, there’s one place he’s likeliest to be.., Spanish fourth tier side Castellon

Not so long ago the club were in danger of going out of business but with a lot of help from the Leeds United player and others, they were saved and are now on a sure footing and able to look optimistically to the future.

El Periodico Mediterraneo report that Hernandez ‘unexpectedly’ turned up at the club on Thursday and started training. The newspaper jokes that Castellon have ‘signed’ the Leeds player… but just for training.

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It may have been unexpected, but Hernandez is certainly welcome, returning like the homecoming hero.

Recently signing a two year contract with Leeds, the footballer will be 35 years old when it ends, and will hopefully have a season left at the club of his heart.

Whilst other footballers may soon be drinking their bodyweight in gin on Ibiza, Hernandez is focusing on keeping his ‘rhythm’ in some other way.

What a guy.