The longer Tim Wiese is retired from football, the greater his football career seems to become in retrospect.

At 35 years of age, the former goalkeeper turned wrestler, turned goalkeeper again, turned WWE apprentice, could still be playing the game but his career rolled out to an early end.

Best known for his time with Werder Bremen, Wiese has had a say on the club’s current situation, which isn’t great, and then moved on to HSV which is when Pierre-Michel Lasogga has come into his sights.

Well, not the Leeds United striker directly, but more his mother Kerstin. Looking after her son’s career for years, but now taking more of a back seat, Kerstin Lasogga helped get the striker a bumper HSV deal.

Wiese is quoted by Spox as saying: “Well, in recent years Kerstin Lasogga has worked well… and her son has done almost nothing, but she has negotiated a multi million contract.”

That Tim, is, or was, her job. And given Lasogga’s success at Leeds United so far, the striker is a strange target to pick.

Wiese obviously won’t be trading off his football fame to give himself a better shot at WWE and more money on the way… will he?!