Earlier this month it was claimed in the Spanish media that Real Madrid youngster Ousama Siddiki would be signing for Leeds United.

It’s now been claimed in the British press the young forward could be loaned out to Cultural Leonesa.

This all ties in neatly with one of the earliest Spanish reports on Leeds United and Toni Villa. The 22 year old recently returned to Real Valladolid after a season with Cultural Leonesa, and he would like to reverse that switch.

A website specialising in Cultural said that return could be granted via ‘partner’ club Leeds United. The Championship club would sign Villa, for his €4.5m buyout clause or less, and then send him to Cultural on loan.

Leeds United were at the time described as ‘in the network of Aspire Academy’, Cultural were taken over by the Qatari Aspire group in 2015.

Ivan Bravo, who joined the Leeds United board this summer, already held a role with Cultural. When it was revealed Bravo would be joining Leeds United, Cultural announced on their official website that Aspire was extending its reach to English football.

Earlier this year Bravo extended his contract with Aspire Academy, and despite becoming an advisor for Leeds United, he didn’t relinquish his positions with the organisation or Cultural Leonesa.

Bravo is still vice president of the Segunda club, and a director at Aspire.

With the Cultural and Leeds links being underlined by the Villa and Siddiki reports, it would appear Aspire may well have an influence in Leeds United transfers.

Earlier this summer a similar Leeds and Cultural collaboration was suggested for Mario Ortiz. Whilst none of these deals have yet materialised, there’s certainly a Spanish suggestion that Leeds, like Cultural, are under the Aspire umbrella.