Lille want to sign Jonathan David, and it seems like he quite fancies a move to the French club this summer.

The problem in the way is AA Gent, who aren’t simply going to accept a low offer from Lille just because they have the player’s will on their side.

Jonathan David has spoken publicly about his desire for the Lille move, and there’s annoyance in Gent that the Ligue 1 side have gone behind their back and already turned the player’s head.

Leeds United have been credited with an interest, but have largely been dismissed in the French sport media, despite confirming their promotion to the Premier League.

Ivan de Witte, Gent’s chairman, has spoken to Belgium’s De Zondag and confirmed Leeds are keen on the signing, and have actually made a better offer than Lille.

De Witte is quoted as saying: “I have only expressed my annoyance that contacts have been made with Lille behind our back, that Jonathan has clearly packed already. Against all rules. An orchestrated action from his agent and the club. There were no contacts last week, but that they have made a transfer impossible because of that is a bridge too far. (smiles) There are already many dead in the grave of ‘principles’. 

“In addition, I know Jonathan myself as an exceptionally fair and sensible boy with a super mentality and attitude. A few weeks ago it still sounded loud that he only wants to go to the Bundesliga and now he necessarily wants to go to France… isn’t that really bizarre? As if Lille would be such a great step forward for Jonathan. Is one then thinking of the player’s career? The contacts were stopped this week, but other clubs are still interested. With much better proposals even. Including Leeds.”

Jonathan David’s potential Gent exit appears to be being agent controlled, and if Lille don’t offer more, or the Belgian club cave in, then there’s a chance Leeds will be pulled in as a serious option for a summer move.