When it became clear that Marcelo Bielsa was expected to take over at Leeds United, the coverage started.

Bielsa, or ‘El Loco’ as he’s affectionately known, is a huge star of football management and a favourite of many. It saw the club being explained to a wider audience who, with all due respect, didn’t really know much about the Yorkshire side.

So in July, ‘Dirty Leeds’ got an outing in Argentina sport newspaper Ole, and the club have been followed repeatedly since.

Bielsa’s good start is building enthusiasm.

La Nacion explains how Bielsa is trying to keep the smile away from his face as he doesn’t want to make any conclusions from the two victories so far.

This is particular to Leeds and La Nacion tell their readers that periods of optimism at the club have previously fallen away, and that’s another reason for a tentative attitude.

La Nacio have been waiting for the loco in Bielsa to show itself on the touchline, but so far they’ve been left wanting. The explanation is that the manager is taking every step surely, trying to keep hold of himself as much as possible.

Ole cover the story of Leeds fans being concerned at the weekend as Bielsa’s stool wasn’t on the official team coach, only to be calmed when told it travels separately.

Perfil Cordoba aren’t holding back as much as La Nacion and they say ‘El Loco has done it again’, clearly believing the good start is a sample of more to come. They call it ‘La Revolución Bielsa’.

Argentina’s Mundo D says that Bielsa is being ‘calm’ in the face of ‘euphoria’ from Leeds United fans.

There’s coverage throughout Spain, Italy and even Germany.

Over in Portugal, O Jogo decided to have their own explanation of ‘Dirty Leeds’, as interest grows.