Ole is Argentina’s top sport newspaper and the back page of their Thursday edition is almost entirely dedicated to Leeds United.

Under a headline reading ‘LEEDS GO LOCO’ the club is explained for Argentine football fans. With Marcelo Bielsa arriving at Elland Road this summer there’s obviously a heightened interest in what is going on at the Championship club.

Ole explain to their readers that Leeds United are probably as crazy as their new manager. Bielsa is known as ‘El Loco’ because of his approach to tactics and training, he’s absolutely obsessed with the sport.

There’s an explanation of Don Revie and why he’s such a legend and also a run through of other Argentines to have been at Elland Road: Alejandro Sabella, Fe­de­ri­co Bessone and Lu­ciano Bec­chio.

But it’s the fans which Ole thinks makes Leeds United genuinely crazy, and the Argentine newspaper explains that the club’s style of football brought ‘hatred’, and then adds: ‘The fans also contributed to this widespread hatred. Fervent and passionate, at the time when the hooligans dominated they had one of the hottest stadiums.

‘Less than ten years ago, a survey was made in the country’s media about which team was the most hated in England and, despite the passage of time, Leeds was the winner. ‘Dirty Leeds’ was the historic way to name and criticise them.’

This is coming from South America, so Ole certainly aren’t looking down their nose.

It’s explained Bielsa has a huge challenge ahead of him to get Leeds United back to the Premier League and that it’s a ‘very crazy club for El Loco’.