Lazio travelling to Glasgow this week to face Celtic is big news for the media around the Roman club.

As the Europa League goes, getting to play at Celtic Park is an exciting evening, and one which has brought out many stories about the club’s atmosphere.

La Lazio Siamo Noi have spoken to Massimo Donati. The well travelled former footballer made 13 moves, including loans, during his career, and represented Celtic himself.

Currently in a coaching role at Kilmarnock, Donati was an obvious man for the Rome press to speak to about Thursday’s match.

Asked for observations on the Glasgow side ahead of the game, the 38 year old said: “They didn’t look like a Scottish team until last season. They liked to start the action always from the back. Then with Lennon’s arrival they changed. 

“He is a bit of a Gattuso, he is interested in the result. So he asks for great intensity.”

On Celtic’s strengths and weaknesses, he explained: “Edouard is really very good, he has great shots. Besides him I would say Forrest, an interesting attacker. Weakness is certainly the defence and the organisation. Here we need to improve. If you lose individual battles with them, you will be very disadvantaged.”

A lack of organisation, in a tactical sense, is something Donati feels is a general problem in the Scottish Premiership, with more emphasis put on the physical side of the game, and players being trained that way from an early age.

As for Lazio getting the chance to play at Celtic Park, Donati said it will be a ‘very exciting’ evening and an ‘unforgettable’ experience.

Celtic, however, will hope Lazio want to forget about it quickly.