Kevin De Bruyne has openly admitted he would be open to leaving Manchester City for Saudi Arabia this summer, simply because of the ‘incredible money’ potentially on the table.

Het Laatste Nieuws have an interview with the Belgian midfielder today in which Pep Guardiola’s star admits he would be open to the move should it be offered to him.

The 32-year-old is in the final year of his contract with Manchester City and, after a disappointing season in which injuries have seen him miss large periods of the campaign, his future needs to be determined.

With just a year left on his deal Manchester City will need to make a decision about whether to extend the midfielder for another year or move him on this summer.

Numerous reports have made it clear that the clubs in Saudi Arabia are eyeing up the Belgian midfielder as they continue their push to lure the world’s best players, and particularly those in Europe, to the Saudi Pro League.

If that were to happen then this summer, with De Bruyne’s contract situation as it is, would be the ideal time to get him out of Manchester City.

And he’s opened the door to it happening too, insisting he’d be happy to explore the move given the incredible money that is on offer.

“I still have one year left on my contract, so I have to think about what could happen,” he said.

“My eldest is now eight years old and knows nothing but England. He also asks how long I will play for City. Once the moment comes, we will have to deal with it in a certain way.

“At my age you have to be open to everything. You’re talking about incredible amounts of money in what may be the end of my career. Sometimes you have to think about that.

“If I play there for two years, I will be able to earn an incredible amount of money. Before that I had to play football for 15 years. I may not even reach that amount yet.

“Then you have to think about what that could mean next. But at the moment I haven’t had to think about that yet.”

That is, quite clearly, Kevin De Bruyne flirting with a move to Saudi Arabia, and should encourage offers to come in for him.