Timo Werner, we all know how this will work.

The German media will link a string of clubs with the RB Leipzig striker, which will lead to a raft of knock-on rumours in England, and then the player will sign for Bayern Munich.

It’s a tried and tested formula which then allows Bayern to be presented as the all victorious German superpower, when in reality the vast majority of the rumours were shaky to say the least.

On Monday, Bild claim that Liverpool are very keen on Werner. So keen are the Anfield club that Jurgen Klopp has ‘filed his interest’. That sounds very much like Klopp has told someone, perhaps the player himself, that he’s a fan.

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Given the story has been written by Bild journalists based with the national camp, there’s every chance the claim has come from Werner or a teammate.

Klopp may well be a fan but Werner doesn’t seem like the big signing Liverpool will go for this summer, unless there’s a surprise exit. Bild think otherwise and therefore Liverpool are being set up for a summer battle.