Adrien Rabiot’s renewal talks with PSG aren’t going very well, explain L’Equipe. In fact, the French newspaper say they’re not going at all, despite a willingness from the Parisian club to keep Rabiot long term and secure him further with a new deal.

The midfielder’s current contract with PSG runs until June 2019, so there’s reason enough for worry at the French club, especially given the difficulties they’ve had with Rabiot previously and his unhidden itchy feet.

Throughout his career, Rabiot has hinted towards a desire to return to England, where he spent some time with Manchester City, and test himself in the Premier League. Earlier this month the player sent a message which could have only pleased Jurgen Klopp: “There are so many good championships and going to another country is an opportunity to grow even though I’m happy at Paris Saint-Germain at this moment. The Premier League… There is not a single club in-particular, although when I was young I was a big Liverpool fan.”

Like other Premier League clubs, Liverpool have a chance with Rabiot given his open England desire, but unlike other PL clubs they also have the added advanatge that he followed them as a child and isn’t afraid to talk about being a fan.

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Given that, and PSG’s renewal worries, it’s an alert situation for Klopp. Liverpool managing to sign Rabiot would be impressive, and the chance is somewhat being dangled.

L’Equipe say Rabiot’s camp have several wishes before thinking about a contract renewal, and they’re not being met. The 22 year old doesn’t want to be a Thiago Motta type player, and is tired of having to fill in there for PSG.

Therefore, Rabiot wants assurances of being able to play a more rounded role, and wants to see an understudy brought in for Motta, so it’s very clear he isn’t the long term answer for such a position.

Rabiot is so against the Motta position, that L’Equipe point out it could block renewal talks:  ‘If, more and more often, this season he was to take the place in this position, his extension would be all the more complicated to finalise. A bad signal for PSG.’

And a good signal for every club potentially interested in Rabiot, of which Liverpool should be one.

The ‘Rabiot to be used as part of efforts for Coutinho deal’ claims cannot be far away.