Spending some time in Portugal, Manchester United manager José Mourinho went to teach a lesson at Faculdade de Motricidade Humana on Monday.

The local reporters obviously couldn’t miss a chance to speak to him, so once the 52-year-old left the university, he had to talk to them all.

Most of the questions were regarding transfers, and when asked about Victor Lindelof, Mourinho said: “I will not say if I want him or not, I think it’s incorrect. Rui (Vitória, Benfica manager) is not going to be happy with another club manager talking about a player who is his, the president would not be happy to see that. Lindelof is theirs and as long as he’s theirs, he’s theirs.” (via Mais Futebol)

The manager smiled after this quote, which has been pointed out across the Portuguese media, including by O Jogo.

Still speaking about transfers, Mourinho claimed it’s not something he’ll be worried about this summer, leaving it to Ed Woodward: “This year I had the most difficult time of my career! We play every possible game except for two. We played all of the Premier League, of course, all of the Europa League, all of the League Cup which we were in the final and we just didn’t play the semifinal and the final of the FA Cup plus the Super Cup.

“I got fed up and tired of football before the last day, I promised that they would not see me in football stadiums, and I stopped negotiating for players and being worried. I gave my list to the CEO in April and he has until August 31st to give me what I want, or not.”

Mourinho was also asked to comment on the upcoming European Super Cup against Real Madrid, which Manchester United will be playing at the start of the next season: “It’s an honour. Any team that wins the Europa League should feel honoured to have the opportunity to compete with the best team in Europe, which is the European champion.

“For us it’s a fantastic opportunity even because we have returned to the Champions League, we have played a very hard Europa League, for several reasons, but recognise that the best teams are in the Champions League. For many of our players to be in the Champions League is a new thing. It is interesting to have the pre-season that we will have, with good games to play, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City, Sampdoria and then in August the European Super Cup. You have to feel happy to play with the best team in Europe.”

On what was he teaching at the university, the Manchester United boss claims it’s not really what he was doing there: “Nothing! I came to tell them how to do it. I do not teach. I simply pass on my experience which is an important topic for those who are starting out, analysing a game based on goals and game plan. I try not to theorise a lot, I open it to the doubts, I think it’s interesting.”

“Even today I’d rather be in their place and not mine, it’s always interesting to learn and try to know how others do things. I try to pass on real experience, it is not theorising, rambling. What I showed was how I prepared my last game and, as I told you, I only talk about it because I won because otherwise I would not haven spoken.”

Finally, Mourinho commented on the preparation he’s doing for the next season: “I always prepare well, sometimes I win, others not. I dedicate myself more and more, it’s not the same, it’s more and more. I dedicate myself more than five, ten, fifteen years ago and this is what I will continue to do until the last few days as a manager, winning less or more. That’s what makes me the person I am, I’m happy, even though I do not laugh for you so much.”