The Catalan media believe every player on the planet wants to join Barcelona. Even those that say they don’t, the Catalan media will believe that deep down they really do, and any denials are for reasons unrelated to their genuine wishes.

For Ander Herrera, the same goes, and Sport, the more excitable of the Catalan twin newspapers, says ‘he would have liked to play for Barcelona’.

Then there’s a but, a great big but… Jose Mourinho won’t give his green light to the operation. Manchester United’s manager isn’t going to sell a player he considers ‘essential’, and one which Sport describe as an ‘idol’ of Old Trafford after a great season for the club.

Therefore, apart from initial contact, Sport say Barcelona haven’t made any serious attempts to sign Herrera.

It’s believed the midfielder will sign a new long term contract with Manchester United, and Mourinho’s determination has led his club to offer ‘dizzying’ terms to the player.