Who will replace Antonio Conte? That’s the question both Chelsea fans and the club itself appear to be asking themselves these days.

The favourite, for a while, appeared to be Luis Enrique, but his contract demands were so high the Blues backed away a bit and focused on Max Allegri instead.

As likely as it is the Juventus manager will one day manage in the Premier League, there’s no guarantee he will want to leave Turin this year, and that’s why Chelsea are still looking elsewhere, which is where Maurizio Sarri comes in.

The Napoli manager has won many plaudits over the past couple of seasons with how his Napoli side have played, and with a release clause in his contract of just €8m, he’s an attractive alternative for a club desperate to be among the contenders on a regular basis all the while entertaining their fans.

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According to Il Mattino on Wednesday, despite what Alessandro Pellegrini, Sarri’s agent, says publicly, which is that he hasn’t met with Chelsea, talks with the Premier League side have taken place, and ‘not just informal ones’, either.

However, first and foremost, Abramovich needs to deal with Conte first, as sacking him would cost the Russian oligarch a pretty penny, which, if possible, he’d like to avoid doing if he’s going to have to spend €8m + wages on the next manager.

Down Napoli’s end, Aurelio de Laurentiis has been trying to tie Sarri to a new deal, but Il Mattino explain that whatever he’s offering is below what the manager believes he should be paid.

It’s all looking positive for Chelsea, apart from the sacking Antonio Conte bit, really.