Manchester City new signing Gabriel Jesus has been named the best player of the 2016 Brazilian League by ESPN.

With 12 goals, the wonderkid had a great season and led his club Palmeiras to their first league title in 22 years.

Gabriel Jesus also made it to the league’s best eleven, having the former Manchester City striker Robinho as his partner in attack.

To talk about Jesus, ESPN have invited the Brazilian legend Pelé. The greatest Brazilian footballer of all time gave a lot of praise to the youngster: “He is a boy who has a lot of future. I’ve been watching his interviews. I’m going to joke, he’s a crier. Lives crying on the pitch. Everybody’s seen, lately.”

“But it was deserved. Right now, he’s the best player we have. I think he can improve a lot still. Mainly, he will get more experience with international games. He will get more experience now, as he will play in Europe. Football there is harder, so he will still grow a lot. But at the moment, without a doubt, the prize is deserved for him.”

Gabriel Jesus is having a few days of vacation until he moves to Manchester and starts his new life. He’s taking his mother, his brother and two other friends to live with him to England.

In a recent interview with Sport Witness, the player revealed he still doesn’t know much about how will his game style suit in the Premier League, as he’ll only focus on it when he gets there.