Coventry City nearly made history at Wembley on Sunday, inches away from a 4-3 comeback against Manchester United in the FA Cup semifinals.

With their last goal disallowed by VAR, the Championship side still went to penalties, but ended up getting knocked out by the Red Devils.

That game had huge coverage across the European sports media, and in the Netherlands Voetbal Primeur now highlight some quotes from Coventry City fullback Milan van Ewijk.

The 23-year-old spoke about his role against Manchester United star Marcus Rashford, and insisted that his team is actually very proud of the result they got.

“I kept Rashford reasonably under control, but of course there are moments when he shows his qualities. I did play a good game, fortunately. I showed who I am today, so I can go home with my head held high.

“At some point, the game starts turning and then we get the chance. Then you feel new energy and with every goal you think it’s still possible. I think it’s human to think there is something to be gained. I’m really proud of the team. It’s sick to be here and play, but then to lose on penalties is really annoying.”

Van Ewijk also talked about the offside goal, explaining how frustrating it was to only see that disallowed after the VAR check.

“That ball eventually goes in and I sink to the ground straight away, because I couldn’t do any more. Then afterwards you hear the crowd screaming and everyone goes wild, but then suddenly you see that VAR is going to check the goal. Then you start to doubt and then you see how minimal an offside it is. That really stings.”

Coventry City now turn their focus back to the Championship, where they currently stand in 8th place.

Manchester United, meanwhile, are not expected to get qualification for the Champions League, and should put all their energy into the FA Cup final against Manchester City, which is taking place at the end of May.