With Chelsea defender Thiago Silva teasing over a move to Fluminense for a long time, even his potential future teammates have been talking about it.

TNT Sports today features an interview with Matheus Martinelli, and among the questions, there was one about having the centre-back as a teammate soon.

The Fluminense midfielder made it clear he’d like the club to sign Silva, pointing out that there’s been a lot of talk about the Chelsea player’s future.

“Thiago, man, I think, I hope it works out, that he comes to help us. He’s a guy I’m a big fan of, sometimes someone comments there, the guys ask, man, will he really come?”

“I really don’t know, I hope our board does everything right, that he comes back, because he’s a guy who, if he comes back to Fluminense, will help a lot.”

Silva’s contract with Chelsea expires at the end of the season, and there have been endless rumours about his future.

Recent reports from the Brazilian media said he’d prioritise a renewal with the Blues, although the player himself denied that, claiming that was ‘fake news’.

It indeed remains to be seen whether Chelsea will at least try to keep the defender for another year by offering him a new contract.

Silva may only actually open negotiations with Fluminense in case he becomes a free agent, so there’s still a while left until this saga comes to an end.