Over the weekend, Arsenal U16s’ Chidozie Obi-Martin made a big name for himself as he scored 10 goals in a 14-3 win over Liverpool’s U16s.

That made a lot of headlines, and rightly so, making its way all the way to Denmark, where national team manager Kasper Hjulmand was asked about the youngster by Bold.

The reason for that is the 15-year-old is eligible for both England and Denmark, having represented both at U16 level, and most recently going with the latter with their U17s.

This is great for the Arsenal prodigy, who will have the choice of two national teams down the line, and Hjulmand is already keeping tabs on him.

Replying to Bold’s question, he said: “I know him well and have seen him play. As with many 15-year-olds, this is a guy that I know well in our system.”

Hjulmand didn’t want to add anything further on the Arsenal youngster, who will have to make a choice down the line if and when the main national team managers start calling him to try and lure him.

Being born in Denmark, you would have to believe he might have a preference for them, having represented them more often to this date as well.