Nottingham Forest will soon have some new business partners in Portugal.

Last week, the local media revealed that Evangelos Marinakis was making an attempt to invest in Rio Ave, and a vote would take place on Sunday.

Now newspaper O Jogo is back to report that the deal was approved, with 555 members voting yes, 21 voting no and 50 abstaining.

The story claims the Nottingham Forest owner will make an initial investment in Rio Ave worth €20.5m until June 2024. That’s set to balance the club’s finances and assuring they’ll have the money to pay all salaries until the end of the season.

Marinakis is set to have control over 80% of the shares, and he’s expected to soon start investing in signings. Since the club are going through a delicate situation, no incoming transfers are expected to be made in January, as the Greek businessman will have other priorities first.

It’s not yet clear how that new business will affect Nottingham Forest and Olympiacos, but judging by the deals made between the English and the Greek clubs, we should soon start to see the Portuguese side being involved in transfers with them as well.