Since Leo Bonatini signed for Wolverhampton Wanderers on a loan deal last summer, he’s always shown his desire to stay at the club for longer.

Back in August, in an interview with Sport Witness, the player already claimed that he wasn’t thinking of the Championship side as a showcase, as his desire was to play for the club in the Premier League next season.

Months have passed, and it seems his idea continues to be the same. Bonatini has spoken to João Castelo Branco from ESPN Brasil this week, and talked about his whole situation at Wolves.

“It’s something I still don’t know. I’m on loan here, really, until the end of this season from Al-Hilal. I don’t know what will happen,” Bonatini told ESPN Brasil.

“But I know what I want, I want to stay. Here’s a place that I was able to adapt very well to the game style, it’s a game style that I like a lot, the country is a very good country, where I adapted to be able to live.”

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“But I still don’t know. I don’t know much about my future. But I think that the earlier we get promotion, or even the title, things are going to be planned for next season. Because I believe that, even though everyone believes we will be in the Premier League next season, we don’t have that certainty. So the sooner we get promoted the club can prepare the squad and already start thinking about the next season.”

Last week, Sport Witness had already reported that the player’s situation at Wolverhampton is still to be defined.

Having until June 30th to decide if they activate the buying option or not, the club want the season to end before taking any action regarding the transfer.

The contract with Al-Hilhal allow Wolves to sign Bonatini permanently for €5m until that date.